One way on another I will prove to the would that big guys can do it too!! We can be just as fashionable and look just as good in our clothes!!! As a stylist I’m always trying to show plus size guys that they don’t have to be limited to white Tshirts and jeans! Dont be afraid of patterns and colors. Make a statment! for big guy fashion



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HOTD: Top Heavy

OOTD: Travel Day 2, Alaska
Turns out that when you pack for a business trip with a 102 degree fever, nothing you pack makes sense.

lifewithoutpi asked: I have the dress from your Day 4 fashion post! You look absolutely stunning in it and I love the red shoes.

Thanks! It’s a really fun dress isn’t it?

Vacation Day 4: San Antonio

Vacation Day 4: San Antonio

backk-to-the-world asked: will you marry me?


Austin Vacation Day 2


Stripes, Stripes and more Stripes! in a striped Gap dress.

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